7 Solo K-Pop Tracks That Made Our Jaws Drop This Year

K-pop is known for its captivating group performances, but many of the group members have also shown off their individual skills on solo tracks. This year was no exception, and several idols from beloved K-pop groups made comebacks or solo debuts in 2023, impressing us with their individual talents and ability to stand out on their own. Below are seven of those solo songs that were so powerful they dropped our jaws. Get ready to see these artists shine!

EXO’s Kai – “Rover”

The song “Rover” is about someone who ignores society’s expectations of him and embraces the life of a “rover”. His lyrics invite listeners to embrace this new found freedom – an incredibly powerful message. ‘Rover’ proclaims a whole new existence that’s unfathomable yet thrilling – and need we say the song leaves plenty of room for the kind of jaw-dropping performance Kai is known for? Check out her legendary stage presence in the music video for this powerful dance track:

BTS’s Jimin – “Like Crazy”

This synth pop single numbs the senses with its haunting lyrics and melody. These two elements alone make “Like Crazy”, the title track of Jimin’s first solo album, completely breathtaking. “Like Crazy” is about losing a loved one when a relationship ends. Instead of facing the truth, however, this record song expresses a desire to ignore reality. The metallic, classic 1980s sound helps listeners escape into a dream world that feels like an alternate reality.


The pop, dance and trap genres are all present in this great gift of a song. Lyrically, “FLOWER” describes overcoming an unhealthy relationship: the only thing someone leaves behind is the scent of a flower. The lyrics show a boldness to walk away from bad relationships that is downright impressive: we’re often eager to leave negativity behind, but sometimes it takes real strength to do so.

NCT Brand – “Golden Hour”

‘Golden Hour’ made our jaws drop for being both a proud anthem and a hilarious joke: Mark jokes about his viral moment online, a failed cooking attempt that was shown to celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey. Mark’s strong self-confidence and ability to make fun of himself is enviable. The single is categorized under the hip hop genre with its punchy guitar and drum sounds. And yes, Gordon Ramsey responded to Mark’s cry!

BIGBANG’s Taeyang – “Seed”

This piano ballad is simplistic yet beautiful: the melody is soothing and the message of the song is something everyone can relate to. “Seed” is about looking back on the sentimental past and acknowledging the desire to move forward. The song is about new beginnings and the birth of new things, while wanting to stand by someone’s side. “Seed” is breathtaking for its realistic portrayal of human emotions, and Taeyang does an amazing job with this masterpiece.

GOT7’s Jinyoung – “Cotton Candy”

Jinyoung made our jaws drop with his amazing songwriting and silky smooth voice in “Cotton Candy.” The song is about his affection for people who openly love and support him as he professes how much joy they bring him and asks that they stay by his side. “Cotton Candy” is a pop single that blends piano, bass, and synthesizer sounds, while displaying Jinyoung’s incredible talents. He can express his feelings so easily through music!

Yuju – “Without You”

We fell in love with the open and honest way this former GFRIEND member shares her life through music in “Without U” as a songwriter. The song is dedicated to the loved ones you can’t live without and is about trying to move on from someone in the past or a previous relationship. Touchingly, Yuju wrote the lyrics while thinking about her love of music. It’s no wonder this acoustic single is filled with feelings: Yuju opens her heart through this very relatable song.

Hey Soompiers, which solo single is your favorite? Is there a song you identify with the most? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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