8 K-pop songs where the verses overshadow the chorus

Do you ever listen to a song and think that the verses outshine the chorus? While the entire song can be enjoyable, sometimes the chorus just doesn’t match the energy or creativity of the verses.

Here are 8 songs that fans say have better verses than choruses.

Domino by Stray Kids

Domino is such a fun and catchy song. When you have 3RACHA on your team, all of your verses will be fiery, but one fan mentioned that the chorus repeats the same few words, which makes it too repetitive. Although the sound of dominoes falling in the chorus makes it interesting.

Jikjin by TREASURE

This might be a bit controversial as most people would agree that every part of this song is perfect, but some think they prefer the verses to the chorus itself. The verses of the song that build up to the chorus are just too good; it might overshadow the chorus a bit.

Stupid and Stupid Young by NMIXX

It’s such a fun and cute song, but the Brother Jacques/Brother John air disturbed the song a bit. As with most NMIXX songs, the song is still fun to listen to and dance to.

Full Moon by Dreamcatcher

It is important to note that none of these songs are considered bad or have bad choruses. Instead, it’s mostly that the verses excel to such a degree that they overshadow the chorus. Take this song in particular as an example: while it has a catchy chorus, the verses offer even more impressive production (and engaging build-up in the pre-chorus).

Sector 1 by ATEEZ

The band totally baited fans with this dream piano opener, making them think it would be a beautiful dream track, but they turned it more into a trending song. It’s still a nice trail, but it was total bait.

Love Dive by IVE

The “narcissistic” track is fun and has made its way onto social media, but if you listen to the whole song, you’ll agree that the verses are more interesting than the chorus.


I might need a bulletproof vest to share this opinion, but one fan said that while the song is enjoyable and catchy, the repetitive chorus quickly loses its charm compared to the more engaging verses.


This song is totally underrated, but it’s such a good and catchy song. Not that the chorus is terrible, but the “tastes so delicious” line is too good; you can never do without it.

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