BLACKPINK Fans Express Concern For Rosé’s Hair And Scalp With Constant Dye

“I really don’t understand why K-Pop idols don’t wear wigs…”

At this point, almost seven years after NOIRPINKhis career, Pink has had so much blonde or light hair that it’s easy to forget it’s not her natural color. It suits her complexion so well, and she seems to love it as much as her fans!


But for someone with naturally dark hair, it takes a lot of bleaching and touch-ups to keep the hair that color for an extended period of time. A person has to constantly dye their roots to keep them from becoming too visible, and even the ones they keep in lighter shades, Rosé occasionally changes things up with different colors that require even more work.

Of course, bleaching is known to be harsh on the hair, and it’s generally not recommended to be done very often for the health of your hair. There are things you can do to help prevent the negative side effects of using bleach, but it’s hard to avoid at least some harm if you’re constantly bleaching.

A rare rosé with black hair

Due to these factors, fans are increasingly concerned about the health of Rosé’s hair, as it has been rare in the seven years since the group’s debut that she has been seen without blonde or other shades. clear. Some believe that her hair is noticeably thinner than it was when she debuted, though it’s hard to say if that’s true or not.

Of course, Rosé is far from the first K-Pop idol to have fans worried about the health of their hair due to frequent dye jobs. Another idol known for tricking fans into thinking she’s a “natural blonde” is girls generationIt is Hyoyeon, which has also only rarely been seen without light-colored locks. There have also been male idols such as SMSIt is Yeonjun And EXOIt is Chanyeol who seemed to have noticeably thinner hair after frequent dyeing.

Hyoyeon (Girls’ Generation)

The topic of Rosé’s hair health surfaced recently on an online forum, where fans expressed concerns about the future of her hair and scalp if she continues to go blonde. Many wonder why wigs aren’t more commonly used in the K-Pop industry in general, to save idols from the often painful and time-consuming bleaching process.

We hope Rosé’s hair is doing well despite the constant dyeing and that she doesn’t suffer any long-term negative effects!

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa


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