Brie Larson deflects question on Johnny Depp film at Cannes – Deadline

With Johnny Depp making his return to the big screen on Cannes’ opening night in Jeanne du Barry, After being kicked out of Hollywood for battling ex-wife Amber Heard in court, Cannes Film Festival juror Brie Larson was asked by a jury presser reporter if she would see the film from the l ‘actor Jeanne du Barry This evening.

Larson, as a “staunch defender of Time’s Up,” was asked what she thought of Depp’s controversial film at Cannes.

“Are you asking me that?” Bedroom The Oscar-winning actor pushed back.

“Um, I’m sorry, I don’t understand the correlation between why me specifically,” Larson continued.

The journalist pointed out how the Captain Marvel the comedian was on the celebrity advisory board, and that Depp’s lawsuit against The sun in which he was labeled as a “wife beater” was in the spotlight – would the actress really go to see his film?

“I’ll see it when I see it,” Larson said, “I don’t know how I feel about it honestly.”

Jeanne du Barry does not play competitively.

The film’s profile has risen further in the tabloids recently after its director Maiwenn admitted to assaulting a prominent French journalist during a recent TV interview. Maiwenn reportedly approached Mediapart editor-in-chief Edwy Plenel at a restaurant in Paris, pulled his head by the hair and then spat in his face.

Cannes Film Festival director Thierry Frémaux at a press conference yesterday defended his decision to select Jeanne du Barry as the title of the launch of the 76th edition: “I don’t know Johnny Depp’s image in the United States,” he told reporters.

“He is extraordinary in the film in a difficult role. I don’t know why he was cast. We will have to ask Maïwenn the reasons for her choice, ”continued the boss of the festival.

“Otherwise, I’m the last person to talk to because if there’s anyone in the world who isn’t interested in this highly publicized process, it’s me. I’m interested in Johnny Depp as an actor,” Frémaux said on Monday.

In Jeanne du Barry, Depp plays Louis XV in a French-speaking role. Although billed as the actor’s return to the big screen, he would only have ten minutes of screen time in the pic.

During this afternoon’s jury presser, juror at Cannes, French director Julia Ducournau stressed that as a judge of the festival this year, she brings an “open-mindedness”.

“I don’t want to know anything about the movies I’m going to see,” said the Raw filmmaker and director Palme d’Or Titanium said, “I want to come completely virgin…every time I step into one of these movies.”

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