Britney Spears’ sons plan to move to Hawaii with dad Kevin Federline


Britney Spears

Kevin Federline plans to move kids to Hawaii…

Britney is unlikely to object

Britney Spears‘ Two sons want nothing more to do with Los Angeles and are considering moving to the Aloha State for a more private life, away from the attention swirling around their mother… according to people with direct knowledge.

Our sources say Kevin FederlineBritney’s ex-husband, had his lawyer, Marc Vincent Kaplansends a letter to Britney’s lawyer, Mathew Rosengartasking her if she would agree to leave Jayden James And Sean Preston move to Hawaii full time with their father and stepmother, prince victoria.

Our sources say they want a response from Britney by the end of the week. If Britney objects, Kaplan will go to court and ask the judge for permission…and given Britney hasn’t seen the kids in over a year and the kids want to get out of town, it’s likely that the judge will authorize the move.

We’re told the case is unlikely to go to court and Britney to accept the decision.

Our sources say Victoria has a job offer at a college in Hawaii, Kevin also has DJ opportunities there, and the kids are eager to move on. We’re told they plan to leave Los Angeles for Hawaii in July.

Jayden, 16, will continue to take distance education and Sean Preston, 17, will have graduated from high school by the time they move, although his plans are unclear.

The kids have been with Kevin and Victoria 100% for a long time, so the move wouldn’t be disruptive.

As we reported, Jayden and Sean weren’t at Britney’s wedding last year … and months later, she addressed the difficulties of her relationship with children by mocking Jayden’s wish that she is better.

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