DARK ANGEL’S GENE HOGLAN: We were ‘shattered’ and ‘in absolute shock’ after JIM DURKIN’s death

BLACK ANGEL drummer Gene Hoglan spoke to Friday the 13th about the passing of the band’s founding guitarist Jim Durkindied March 8 at the age of 58. He said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “It was a shock for us, I admit. Jim has always been rather mercurial with us. There were times when he would disappear from threads, and that’s when he mentioned, ‘Hey, there’ll be times coming up in the future when I might not be able to do certain shows or live concert areas.’ He chose by hand Laura Christine be his replacement.

“But his death was an absolute shock to the band,” Embarrassed continued. “We didn’t know he was about to die. We knew there were health issues, but we didn’t know we were going to lose our brother, and it hit us all. real hard. We had just started this DEATH TO ALL tour – we had been there for about a week – when I got the call from (BLACK ANGEL singer) Ron Rinehart. And we’ve all discussed it. Everyone in the group was broken.

“We knew that Jim disappeared from time to time, but we did not know that Jim, the last time he disappeared, he was going to be gone forever. We didn’t know that. So when we learned that he had passed, it was a real blow. But all we can do is keep moving forward.”

Hoglan also talked about the progress of the songwriting sessions for BLACK ANGELof the long-awaited new album, saying, “Jim and I had got together several times to write new material for BLACK ANGEL. And we couldn’t tape it too much. Whether BLACK ANGELTo brand new material, there’s a song he’s got there that’s damn damn BLACK ANGEL-ish.

“In tribute to Jim, BLACK ANGELThe new hardware will have a ton of its spirit throughout – its feel. Whether he actually wrote about the new stuff or not, his mind is very there. His imprint is felt through thrash metal, I feel. Even before I was in BLACK ANGELI will see Jimthe influence of on the groups. Absolutely. Thus, his legacy will live forever in the realm of extreme metal. His style will always be part of BLACK ANGELabsolutely, great time.”

Pressed on the current state of the news BLACK ANGEL material, Embarrassed said: “All I can say is there’s some very, very, very, very exciting news coming out of BLACK ANGEL very soon. I think it will do a lot BLACK ANGEL really happy fans. Until we can let anything out of the bag or whatever, there are a number of things that BLACK ANGEL going to be ahead. All I can say is I think it’s going to make a lot of people really happy, which is happening – as immediate BLACK ANGEL future as we can, it’s going to be pretty damn cool for a lot of people. So I’m pretty excited about the future… I’m really looking forward to the next few months where we can let some people know what’s going on, let people know what’s going on, and then also when they have proof of all things that are happening… We have a lot of BLACK ANGEL upcoming shows. We did as one “Darkness Descends” night, and it’s killer. We just did Los Angeles about a month ago – the most psychotic show I’ve played since then. Oh my God. Jesus, Almighty Lord. From the first minute of the first show to the last minute of the last show, the three shows we did, from ten seconds on, it was the most psychotic thing ever. So way to bring it, LA, man. Let me tell you.”

asked how the next BLACK ANGEL the album will compare to the group’s previous efforts, Hoglan said, “Well, I can’t even really comment on whether or not there might be an album at the moment. But let’s put it this way – if I were to have any news BLACK ANGEL material, I would like it to be an extension of the current situation of the group and the current situation. And I would probably approach his writing in a way like BLACK ANGEL never disappeared for a decade, two decades, three decades or whatever. It’s like we’re still doing what we’re doing, and that would be where we are right now. What I would like to release the wildest and heaviest material that BLACK ANGEL could be able. And I’m not left out writing heavy, psychotic material. So I would be very, very excited to know where BLACK ANGELThe new material would be if that could confirm.”

An original member of BLACK ANGEL, Durkin played on the band’s first three albums – 1985 “We have arrived”1986 “Darkness Descends” and 1989 “Leave Scars” — before leaving the group in 1989. He was part of BLACK ANGELwhen the band reformed in 2013, and had been playing with them ever since.

BLACK ANGEL released two albums with Don Doty on song — the above “We have arrived” And “Darkness Descends” — before leaving the group and being replaced by Rinehart (after a brief stint at Jim Drabos in 1987). The band released two more studio albums – “Leave Scars” And “Time Does Not Heal” – before quitting in 1992.


Gene Hoglan – Drums
Ron Rinehart – Voice
Eric Meyer – Guitar
Michael González – Bass
Laura Christine – Guitar

Three weeks after Durkin’s death, BLACK ANGELThe surviving members released the following statement: “On Thursday, March 9, everyone in the BLACK ANGEL the family has been informed jimmy durkinpasses on Wednesday morning March 8th. Jim Durkin was the founder of BLACK ANGEL, a major contributor to music and one of the founding fathers of thrash. He was known as the riff master with some of the most memorable and devilish thrash riffs of all time. Jim Durkin was the family of all BLACK ANGEL camp and will be greatly missed.

Jim had been seated BLACK ANGEL shows due to personal issues since 2020. Jim asked Laura Christine as a replacement, and she joined us during the most recent BLACK ANGEL appearances, because he had asked that we keep him in the family.

BLACK ANGEL will continue to perform and record in Jimhis memory and preserve his legacy, as he requested before his passing.”

BLACK ANGEL drummer Gene Hoglan said: “I miss you so much, my brother. I don’t really know how to cry anymore. If I had known that our last times together would be our last times together, I would have cherished them more. And you even more, Jim. You were my original guitar hero, my biggest influence, a truly inspirational legend to me and so many others. If I, or any of us, had known that you would be taken from us so suddenly, we wouldn’t have let you leave us… So suddenly. On tour, in my bunk, tears. On stage, behind my kit, tears. Behind the scenes, the gaze of a thousand meters. Tears. Realizing that we will never again share the stage in this physical plane… the greatest void. You yourself chose La Licorne to fill this void. Only now do I begin to grasp the complexity and grace of your monumental gift. My love for you gives me the strength to get through this ordeal. And you’re so loved by everyone who knows you, Jim. Everyone. I sure hope you feel that. Your spirit will live forever, brother. On stage, with us, your wings will always be in their place, on stage. In life, you will always be in our hearts, where you belong. Before. Anne, Ron, Eric, Michael, Laura, Roband all your friends and family love and miss you so much, jimmy. I love your brother.”

BLACK ANGEL singer Ron Rinehart said: “Jimmy D. was the very first person I met in BLACK ANGEL. From the start, he broke my balls! When I first spoke to jimmywe were talking about the group that I had just left. jimmy said, ‘We saw your group. They suck but we loved you!’ I laughed. Another great memory I have was at a METALLIC And SUICIDAL TENDENCIES to show. someone said jimmy‘I don’t like you when you’re drunk’, and without skipping a beat, jimmy responds, ‘I don’t like you when I’m sober.’ I almost swallowed my tongue. I can’t count the times I’d end up spitting something out my nose!!! jimmy would just laugh! He had the best sense of humor. From day one… we were Brothers… Yesterday, today and forever jimmy will always be my brother!!! Until we meet again!! I like you.”

BLACK ANGEL guitarist Eric Meyer said: “In 1984, I placed an advertisement in the Rebreather journal: ‘Guitarist seeks established band’. Jim Durkin Call me, BLACK ANGEL was his group. We immediately connected, and I will never forget that first phone call, the start of a friendship that would last 39 years. A lifetime of memories has been created, and I’m devastated that we don’t make more. Forever in my heart, my right-handed brother.”

BLACK ANGEL bass player Michael González said: “jimmy jimmy jimmy. You and me, we go back a long way. I remember when I joined AND and you would come to my house to teach me songs. We’d sit in the garage and run through the “Darkness Descends” together. I was with you the very first time you met Anne and you fell in love with her as soon as you saw her. I was there when you married her. We have shared so many moments together that are simply indescribable. I will forever miss you my friend, my brother, my family. Until we meet again, you will always be a part of my life. Goodbye for now.”

Laura Christinewho is married to Hoglansaid: “At the California Death Festival in 2018, Jim Durkin pulled me aside and told me that he would stop playing live and that he wanted me to take on live duties to BLACK ANGEL. Coming from one of my guitar heroes, this was a major shock, followed by a varied array of emotions. I felt honored but very worried for my hero. No one wants to see their guitar hero quit, let alone leave this earth. It’s a very heavy thing to digest for me.

“I love and respect a lot jimmy and that he plays so much, and it’s a huge, huge honor to be chosen and encouraged by him to take his place. I will do my best to honor Jim and help preserve not only my friend’s memory, but also the BLACK ANGEL legacy.”

Jimthe wife of Annie Durkin launched a GoFundMe campaign to help Jimmedical and memorial expenses.

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