DJ Khaled speeds dangerously on a jet ski to visit the future at home

DJ Khaled filmed himself speeding dangerously on his jet ski as he headed towards Future’s house. Only one problem: Future was not at home.

On Tuesday, May 16, Future shared a clip on his Instagram Story of DJ Khaled’s video of himself speeding alarmingly on his jet ski. It looks like the We the Best Music boss was heading to Future’s house to pick up something important. “Future where you are with the music, I’m on my way,” he shouts as he flies around on his jet ski.

However, Future was not at home. So, on the Atlanta rapper’s IG Story video, he captioned it, “I’m not home, turn around (loudly crying emoji).”

Khaled reposted the HNDRXX video on his IG Story so hopefully he got the message before he got home. We must also point out that speeding on a jet ski at this high speed rate is dangerous.

While riding his jet ski, the God made creator had his fair share of problems on his personal watercraft. In 2015, he got lost at sea while on his jet ski after sunset and couldn’t find his way home. The 47-year-old producer had to issue an SOS distress call via Snapchat.

“The key is to succeed,” he told his followers on the video-sharing platform. “It’s so dark here, we don’t know where we are. It’s against the law and not only that, it’s not good,” he adds.

Although Khaled never explained how he was saved in his snaps, he managed to get home. You can watch the video below.

DJ Khaled has to be careful when riding his jet ski.

Watch DJ Khaled speeding on his jet ski towards Future’s house only to be told by Future to turn around below

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