Fan Kisses GOT7 Backup Dancer Jackson Wang Without Consent, Sparking Outrage

“It’s literally an assault.”

Recently, GOT7It is Jackson Wang remained a busy bee! Immediately after his Coachella performances, the star resumed her world tour, completing the first leg of the North American leg before heading to South America.

GOT7’s Jackson Wang | THE OFFICIAL Singapore

The first leg of this part of the tour was Brazil. Over the years, Brazilian fans have constantly asked GOT7 and Jackson to come to the country for a performance, turning “Come To Brazil” into a running joke.

Not only did Jackson keep his promise to perform in the country, but the event was also made even more iconic with the appearance of a special guest, a Brazilian musician and DJ. Alok.

| Wang Team

Even though he had a cute little misunderstanding during his sound check, Jackson had a great time, as seen in the dozens of clips and fan videos. The idol even went live during an after-show meal at Alok’s.

Unfortunately, the experience in Brazil was marred by encounters of one of Jackson’s auxiliary dancers with a fan.

To make the show experience even more special, Jackson has a team of dancers affectionately referred to as his “magical friends”. Concert-goers became fans of the dance crew, often waiting after shows to take pictures with them.

Jackson (center) and his magical friends. | @teamwangofcl/Twitter

In a video shared online, one of his dancers can be seen posing for selfies with fans behind a barricade.

After taking a photo, a fan can be seen grabbing the dancer’s head and pulling it towards them. The fan then kisses the dancer to jerk off in surprise.

After the video was shared online, fans shared their outrage, wondering why the person assaulted the dancer and stating that the behavior was not encouraged.

Jackson’s next gig will be in Argentina, where hopefully fans won’t disrespect Jackson or his hardworking crew.


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