Halsey performs with BTS’s SUGA at their concert and shares a series of photos with him

BTS’s SUGA is currently holding its first Solo World Tour. The rapper recently performed three concerts in Los Angeles and surprised fans with a performance of Suga’s Interlude the last day.

Suga’s Interlude is one of the titles of Halseyalbums of 2020 maniacal and was co-written and co-produced by the BTS member. Even though the song is out 3 years ago and received a lot of love from fans of both artists, they never had the opportunity to play it together until May 14. Previously, Halsey appeared in SUGAIt is On the way to D-Day Documentary on Disney+, giving fans hope for more interactions in the future.

Fans were absolutely thrilled to see the two superstars take the stage together. Many praised their friendship and support for each other, which Halsey proved in the form of a Instagram post.

The singer called SUGA her double and showed his appreciation for his craft. The rapper’s response to Halsey’s long post had fans laughing.

Halsey was the second guest performer during the SUGA tour. Maxwho worked with SUGA on Burn it from his second mixtape D-2 appeared on stage a few days earlier. SUGA To has collaborated with several artists so far, but seeing him perform with non-BTS members for the first time this year has electrified audiences.

In the meantime, SUGA won the Top-grossing gigs by a Korean soloist In United States history with just two shows In new York.

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