Han So Hee’s Response to Canceled Role Announcement Causes Confusion—Production Crew Scrambles for Answers

What is going on?

Actress Han So HeeThe agency responded to news of her leaving the upcoming drama The price of confession.

On May 17, Han So Hee’s agency 9Ato Entertainment revealed that they learned about Han So Hee’s alleged departure from the drama through news reports.

We also learned about Han So Hee’s departure from her role in The Price of Confession through news reports. We are in the process of confirming the facts.

— 9Ato Entertainment

When asked, the drama’s production company Studio Dragon revealed that they also didn’t know what was going on.

Everything about the casting is decided by Production H. We don’t know anything.

— Production H

Production Hthe parent company of SLL revealed that because they don’t know who is responsible for Production H’s decision, they are currently confirming the facts.

We do not know who is responsible for this at Production H, so we relay the position of Production H. We are currently examining the facts.


Previously, it was reported that Han So Hee, hye kyo songand the drama’s original director had decided to step aside from the drama due to conflicting views on the project with the production team.

Stay tuned for updates.

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