Legacy Auditions Include Nicholas Hoult and Jacob Elordi – Deadline

With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 set to take the top spot for the second straight weekend at the box office, director James Gunn is now beginning to focus on his next big project Superman: Legacy and the hearing process that is currently underway. Over the past few weeks, talents have submitted audition tapes for the lead roles in the upcoming picture, including Clark Kent aka Superman, Lois Lane and Lex Luthor. While Gunn has only just started watching the tapes now who are pressing for Guardians 3 is behind him, some of the names in the mix for Kent include Nicholas Hoult, David Corenswet, Jacob Elordi and Andrew Richardson are among the mix players for the Superman role.

Sources also add that Emma Mackey, Rachel Brosnahan and Samara Weaving are among those testing Lois Lane. The final test was submitted on May 4 and talented insiders involved in the auditions have been told that the plan was for Gunn to watch every tape and a decision isn’t expected for some time, but it looks like we’re winning. ground to discover in the coming months who will land these highly coveted roles.

As for Superman’s nemesis, Lex Luthor, he can land in a number of ways. While Gunn has checked with some A-list names he’s worked with in the past, sources say one role that was tested was for some that were simply labeled “Apex” and for those that weren’t. Superman For historians, this part could actually be Apex Lex Luthor, which is not only a version of the villain who has the strength to fight Superman, but also hints at a potential multiverse situation as Apex Lex has encountered other Luthors in various dimensions.

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