Major Gang Takedown Snags Drill Rapper Sheff G

Rappers Sheff G, born Michael Williams, and Sleepy Hallow, aka Tegan Chambers, are well known in New York’s popular music scene, having racked up over 100 million views and plays on YouTube and Spotify. On Tuesday, they piled up something else: accusations. THE New York Times reports that the men were two of 32 people charged on Tuesday as part of an extensive investigation into drug trafficking, firearms offenses and other gang-related activity. An alphabet soup of law enforcement agencies, including the NYPD and ATF, worked together to help build the Brooklyn prosecutor’s 140-count indictment.

“What we allege and what we have learned during this investigation is that Sheff G is using a lot of the money he has earned to help facilitate new gang activity,” the official said. Brooklyn attorney Eric Gonzalez at a press conference Tuesday. THE Time reports that he allegedly funded the Brooklyn gangs 8 Trey Crips and 9 Ways, with Gonzalez describing the “alliance” as waging a “war against their common enemies”. NYPD Chief Jason Savino also zeroed in on Sheff G, according to Fox 5 NY: “If he said something, it happened. Simple text like ‘we gotta have a big one.’ That simple text… instantly sparks a gang war.”

And as Fox 5 NY puts it, “Police said Sheff G controlled the streets, even though he was locked up.” The rapper is currently incarcerated for weapons possession and was eligible for release next month. The 24-year-old faces up to 25 years in prison if convicted. (Read more crime stories.)

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