Vinícius Jr.: Spanish football’s inaction over Real Madrid star’s racist abuse could prove costly for La Liga

CNN — It is one of the most watched football leagues in the world, featuring some of the greatest players on the planet. Except this week no one is talking about the ‘beautiful game’ after Real Madrid star Vinícius Jr.’s shameful racist abuse sent La Liga into crisis management mode. It was only after the … Read more

Mnet Officially Reveals Final 13 Competitors To Complete ‘Queendom Puzzle’ Lineup – Netizens Respond

From a 10+ year veteran to global idols, the lineup couldn’t be more diverse! Koreaboo 18 minutes ago It’s not long before mnet returns with his new reality show titled kingdom puzzle. Contrary to Queenwhich focused primarily on bands together, with a soloist in both seasons, kingdom puzzle appears to feature individual girl group artists … Read more

Sudden infant death syndrome may have a biological cause

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome may in part be caused by reduced binding of the neurotransmitter serotonin to lower brainstem receptors janulla/iStockphoto/Getty Images Researchers may have identified a biological mechanism behind Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). A better understanding of the causes of the disease could help scientists develop a test that predicts a baby’s risk … Read more

Aespa’s NingNing grabs attention after earning legendary new moniker for flawless visuals at Cannes Film Festival

NingNing rocked the world with its effortless visuals! Koreaboo 1 hour ago AespaIt is Ning-Ning recently caught the eye after shocking fans with his unreal visuals at Cannes Film Festival, and she’s even earned a new nickname to match her impact. Aespa’s NingNing | @aespa_official/Instagram Since its debut, NingNing has always caught the attention of … Read more

Takeshi Kitano delves into Johnny Kitagawa sex abuse scandal – The Hollywood Reporter

Takeshi Kitano, arguably Japan’s most recognizable entertainer, has weighed in on the sex abuse scandal that has rocked the country’s multi-billion dollar media landscape. Since March, a long-delayed reckoning has been brewing in the country’s entertainment industry. For decades, rumors of sexual abuse have swirled around Johnny Kitagawa, the founder of Johnny & Associates (locally … Read more

Virtual village protects vulnerable people from pandemic isolation

Summary: Researchers have developed a virtual village to address the increased isolation of older people living with HIV (OPLH) during the COVID-19 pandemic. This online environment provides access to health, community and personal resources for OPLH aged 50 and over. The platform enables the creation of support groups to mitigate the negative effects of social … Read more