STEVE MORSE on leaving DEEP PURPLE: ‘They were upset for three to four seconds and then moved on’

Ancient DARK PURPLE guitarist Steve Morse spoke to the Beaver County Times about his decision to reform his STEVE MORSE BAND for a series of live appearances in April and May.

“I stopped PURPLE because the rounds were too long and we had a medical emergency in my family with my wife with stage 4 cancer”, walrus said. “I told these guys ‘I can’t do this’ and they were upset for about three to four seconds and then moved on. That’s life, me and I wish them well and they are doing very well.”

SEO STEVE MORSE BANDhe said: “I was always told that we couldn’t just do weekends. That it just wouldn’t be possible to pay everyone and not pay out of pocket to play. However, when we did the math with three people it was possible in many cases to make it work, and the reason for the short duration is that I can be home 90% of the time and possibly drag my wife with me, and line up all the medical appointments and everything. The idea was to make that possible so that I could play a few shows and not feel like I was neglecting what I could really help by being home. It made a huge difference as an advocate for medicine through all the crazy stuff that’s happened and the surgeries and the complications. There’s so much to do with it.

Join walrus in the STEVE MORSE BAND are Dave LaRuealso from FLYING COLORS And THE DIXIE DREGas well as Van Romaineone of the most requested percussionists throughout his long career, playing live and recording with legendary names like TEARS OF BLOOD SWEAT, Billy Joel, Naughty by nature and much more.

last July, walrus officially left PURPLE take care of his wife, Jane, who was battling cancer. It was replaced by Simon McBride.

walrusThe announcement came four months after the guitarist announced he would be taking a break from the band, hoping to rejoin his bandmates once his wife’s health improves.

walrus actually took over Ritchie BlackmoreIt is DARK PURPLE slot in 1994 and had been in the band longer than Ritchie.

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