(G)I-DLE wins #1 + Performances from May 25 ‘M! Countdown’!

mnetit’s M! Countdown’ is back for its weekly show featuring performances from your favorite artists! In this week’s episode, mnet‘s girl group survival program ‘kingdom puzzle‘ teams revealed DROP THE RHYTHM And Athenawho performed the songs”Charismatic” And “SNAP,” respectively. 10CM put a special Studio M performance of the new single”my ultimate first love.” MONSTA XIt … Read more

ENHYPEN Fans Issue Joint Statement, Launch Protest Against Trucks Demanding Removal Of ‘Suggestive’ Choreography With Female Dancers In ‘Bite Me’

Some ENHYPEN fans decided to engage in mass protests against BeLift Laboratorydemanding that the choreography of the band’s final title track”Bite me“to be changed. ENHYPEN recently announced their comeback on May 22nd with the release of their 4th mini album ‘DARK BLOOD‘ and its title track, ‘Bite Me’. At the same time, the popular dance … Read more

How many versions of an album do K-Pop idol groups sell these days?

The era of “million-sellers” has arrived, but it’s not always just the result of increasing fan numbers. K-Pop companies have also found creative ways to make the K-Pop consumption experience more dynamic. Netizens recently compiled a list of recently released K-Pop albums to find out how many “versions” there are of each album. Intro (4 … Read more