Exercise could lower your risk of Parkinson’s disease

This month’s research is the latest to reinforce regular exercise as a way to prevent disease. The long-term study found that the risk of Parkinson’s disease was significantly lower in women who reported the most physical activity, compared to those who were the most sedentary. Mental health apps are a privacy nightmare Exercise has proven … Read more

Scientists Built a Giant Human Scent Buffet to Find Out How Mosquitoes Find Us

Researchers have created a giant arena to sniff out mosquitoes, hoping to figure out why they’re so attracted to us. Among other things, they discovered that human body odor was more attractive to insects than the mere presence of carbon dioxide, a chemical we exhale. Get ready for another summer of invasive lanterns | extreme … Read more

A universal flu vaccine is one step closer to reality

We could be a big step closer to ending the scourge of seasonal flu. This week, the US National Institutes of Health announced the start of a phase I clinical trial testing a potential universal flu vaccine. The Safety and Immune Response of Experimental Shooting will be compared to a typical annual influenza vaccine. Won’t … Read more

Even Early Cannabis Use During Pregnancy Could Make Babies Shrink

A this week’s study is the latest to suggest that the use cannabis during pregnancy is not necessarily harmless. Scientists have found a link between a mother’s occasional cannabis use during pregnancy and poorer outcomes for newborns, such as low birth weight. These effects were greater in mothers who used cannabis late in pregnancy but … Read more

Scientists have created E. Coli bacteria that fight cancer

Scientists in China hope to turn Escherichia coli bacteria into an ally against cancer. In a new studythey describe their creation of genetically modified products E.coli strains capable of killing different types of tumors in mice. Further studies will be needed, but the authors believe that bacterial cancer therapy may become a reality. Won’t virtual … Read more