Chronic cannabis use increases the risk of major depression and bipolar disorder up to FOUR TIMES

Chronic cannabis use significantly increases the risk of mental health problems and personality disorders, a major study has found. Research of more than 6.6 million people in Denmark found that people addicted to marijuana were up to four times more likely to be diagnosed with major depression or bipolar disorder. They looked at people with … Read more

The secrets of the grandmother who CANNOT feel pain discovered

Scientists were stunned when they learned Jo Cameron couldn’t feel any pain, marveling at how the 74-year-old never suffered from a headache and miraculously survived childbirth without even a groan. But now, after nearly a decade of forensically studying the grandmother’s superpower, they think they’ve finally unlocked its secrets. And experts believe their discovery may … Read more

Exercise could lower your risk of Parkinson’s disease

This month’s research is the latest to reinforce regular exercise as a way to prevent disease. The long-term study found that the risk of Parkinson’s disease was significantly lower in women who reported the most physical activity, compared to those who were the most sedentary. Mental health apps are a privacy nightmare Exercise has proven … Read more

Scientists discover key to extending human lifespan and supercharging cancer cells

Researchers aim to reduce the risk of cancer recurrence, supercharge cancer killer cells and explore the potential for extending human lifespans. Amid the remarkable progress of the past few decades in finding ways to extend healthy human lifespans, a recent breakthrough marks another “very important” milestone. Scientists at Taipei Medical University in Taiwan have discovered … Read more

‘Knowledge is power’: Healthy 27-year-old Iowa woman says she has a 95% chance of developing dementia

A healthy 27-year-old woman from Iowa has had her world turned upside down after learning she will almost certainly develop a form of early-striking dementia. Alyssa Nash has discovered she has a genetic mutation that would almost certainly doom her to the same fate as her father, who ‘turned completely into someone else’ in his … Read more

You really might be able to drink your pain away!

You really CAN take your pain away with drink: Scientists say moderate alcohol consumption can ‘really help’ One to seven alcoholic drinks per week can reduce inflammation in the body Researchers noted that alcohol is responsible for “significant diseases” around the world By Emily Craig Senior Health Reporter for Mailonline Update: 6:03 a.m. EDT, May … Read more

A universal flu vaccine is one step closer to reality

We could be a big step closer to ending the scourge of seasonal flu. This week, the US National Institutes of Health announced the start of a phase I clinical trial testing a potential universal flu vaccine. The Safety and Immune Response of Experimental Shooting will be compared to a typical annual influenza vaccine. Won’t … Read more

Do you have “tokophobia”? Study suggests 62% of women suffer from little-known condition

“Tokophobia” probably means nothing to you, but doctors warn that there is a good chance you have it. A study suggests that six out of 10 American women have the phobia, which can lead to episodes of anxiety, avoiding sex, or not feeling emotionally connected to their unborn child. The results come at a time … Read more

How the Epstein-Barr virus can cause multiple sclerosis

New research could provide clues to a lingering mystery surrounding multiple sclerosis and the common germ believed to be its primary cause, the Epstein-Barr virus. Swedish scientists have found that some MS patients produce antibodies against the virus that also appear to mistakenly target a protein found in the brain and spinal cord. The results … Read more