Tallulah Willis responds to comments she received about her weight

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Tallulah Willis is opening up about the shameful messages she’s been receiving on social media.

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’ daughter took to Instagram to respond to comments saying “You’re fat!!!” and “You got fat again.”

“I think it’s important to share this, for this to happen, for this to happen to a person who is a healer who is recovering, who has been honest about the seriousness of their illness and who is working daily to find safety and a home in their skin,” she said. wrote in the caption of his post, which featured screenshots of those direct messages.

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“It was really important to show you this, to make this happen. I’m so grateful to have come to a place where I’m not dismantled by foreign words (mostly 🙃),” she said. declared.

“I love you and I love you – myself, buuskis included!” she added.

Tallulah Willis’ family shared their support for her in the comments to the post.

“I’m so proud of you!” Moore wrote. “People can often only reflect their own fear. Be yourself in all your forms and keep shining your beautiful glorious light!”

Tallulah Willis’ sister, Scout LaRue Willis, added: “I’m so proud of you, and proud of the hard work you do every day, and lucky for you, me and everyone who loves you, this person is not is just a mere footnote in your story, and unfortunately for them, they have to be themselves forever, and I literally wish them an IOTA of the grace, growth, and self-love that you demonstrate every day.”

In a separate comment, Bruce Willis’ wife Emma Heming Willis wrote, “I’m so sorry Tallulah. You’ve summoned the bear mamas here who would like to know who this person is.”

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In this February 2, 2023 file photo, Tallulah Willis attends the Stella McCartney X Adidas party at the Henson Recording Studio in Los Angeles.

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Willis opened up about her body image struggles in the past.

In 2021, she shared an Instagram post about her experience with body dysmorphic disorder and said, “I punished myself for not looking like my mom.”

She talked about things that have helped her when she’s in a “BDD spiral,” including taking a walk, listening to music and taking a break from social media.

Willis also urged others to “be aware of the special, impressionable spirits around you,” including those with access to social media, as well as “potential trigger images or indicators that hyper-focus on one’s appearance goes beyond just wanting to feel good about yourself.”

“Don’t be ashamed,” she added in her post at the time, addressing others with body dysmorphic disorder. “It’s not a ‘stupid and pointless problem’ it’s a real psychological pain and I see you so clearly and witness the validity of your struggle.”

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