Three answers and three questions from Real Madrid’s win over Getafe

It was certainly one of the least interesting fixtures left on the schedule, but Real Madrid hosted and beat Getafe 1-0 on Saturday night, right in the middle of Manchester City’s draw. Although the current focus is on the Champions League, there were some interesting aspects to this LaLiga game and they are discussed below in the form of three pre-match questions answered and three post-game questions we can answer now.

Three answers

1. How ‘very very competitive’ would Ancelotti’s line-up be?

With this match between the two legs of Manchester City’s semi-final and with Real Madrid out of the LaLiga title race, this game was never going to be a priority for Los Blancos. While some wanted a complete roster overhaul and no regular starters involved, Ancelotti said his starting XI would be “very, very competitive”. Although it contained a few starters, the truth is that it was a heavily rotated line-up. More than that, it was a funky line-up. The back line made sense, including the return of Ferland Mendy. But, then there were midfield experiments, with Ceballos and Camavinga switching sides midway through the first half to become reverse No.8s. Then in attack we had a frontline made up of midfielder Valverde, false nine Asensio and old man Hazard, who was as misshapen as he was uninspiring.

2. How would Ferland Mendy deal with his injury?

With Ferland Mendy back in the line-up, all eyes would be on him and his fitness. He had only played half an hour since January due to his physical issues, so it would be interesting to see what he looks like in that debut. Although still far from his physical peak, Mendy was Mendy. He did things to Mendy like getting the ball out in his clumsy but successful way. He also ended most of Getafe’s right wing threats, winning three of three ground duels and also pinching an interception. He did what he was supposed to do. But, the left-back position suddenly became much more dynamic once Camavinga settled into it in the second half.

3. When was Carvajal even suspended?

There was no Dani Carvajal for this game which was probably for the best as he needs a rest to be able to return to Manchester midweek. The right-back couldn’t be involved tonight as he was serving a suspension. Most likely even forgot that he was suspended, maybe even Carvajal himself, because it’s been so long since he was sent off at Real Sociedad. 11 days had passed and Real Madrid had played 210 minutes of football since that red card. But, in the end, Carvajal served that one-match ban and we saw Lucas Vázquez come in. The Galician has long been a decent enough replacement for Carvajal and once again put in a solid performance.

three questions

1. Has playing Vinícius become a box office affair?

Florentino Pérez knows better than anyone that football is a spectacle. Selling football tickets is the same business as selling theater or concert tickets, but even more lucrative. However, tonight’s top three Valverde, Asensio and Hazard weren’t at the box office. Far from there. The first big cheer of the night was for Vinícius warming up and then, when he entered, the Bernabéu lit up. Suddenly there was an in-form superstar on the court, and there can be no one happier than the president. Even if they don’t mean much, Real Madrid have two more league games at home after that and there is a need to sell tickets one way or another. Right now, Vinícius is that poster boy who will get people through doors, but you have to convince people that he will play and the best way to do that is to keep playing him. Even though resting him before a big Champions League game is the number one priority right now, there is also a commercial need at Real Madrid for the Brazilian to play, especially the home games. It was the same back then with Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid and Messi at Barcelona. The two superstars barely missed a game, and certainly not a home game. The approach with Ronaldo and Messi was: if you want to rest them, do it on the road. Vinícius could enter this status. It could be a very long time before he misses another home game due to rest.

2. Can we stop putting Asensio on the false nine?

It wasn’t the first time Marco Asensio was put at the false nine position to start a game. But I hope it will be the last. Asensio is versatile enough to play in a few different positions on the pitch, but centre-forward isn’t one of them. And, tellingly, within 10 minutes of Mariano coming on to relieve the Spaniard of those No.9 duties, allowing him to move to the right, Asensio scored a typically Asensio goal to get out of the way. dead end.

3. How injured is Camavinga? And how rested are the other starters?

Real Madrid finally got the win and, at the same time, managed to rest before Manchester City’s second leg. Going through the 11 members of Ancelotti’s “Gala XI”, the minutes played by each in this game were as follows. Courtois: 90. Carvajal: 0. Militão: 90. Alaba: 0. Camavinga: 84. Valverde: 61. Kroos: 45. Modrić: 29. Rodrygo: 0. Benzema: 0. Vinícius: 29. There is some concern after Camavinga had to come off late after taking a hurt, but hopefully it’s just a hit and a bit more. If he ends up doing well, that means the starters are all available and generally well rested.

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