Usher has an unlikely answer when asked who he’d like to work with

Usher has worked with many artists, including Nicki Minaj, JAY-Z, and many more, but now he wants to collaborate with someone you wouldn’t expect.

Earlier this week, Usher sat down with The shadow room for a new interview, discussing his life and career, and his acclaimed confession album, among others.

As part of the conversation, the host asked the singer, among the collaborations he has done (and there have been many), is there anyone he would still like to work with, but who has not yet done so.

“You’ve worked with everyone you could think of, (and) you (have) even played with people like Michael Jackson. Is there anyone you haven’t worked with? host.

He didn’t hesitate to name the person, but it’s not someone you would expect: Martin Scorsese.

The singer said he would love to work with the legendary director because “as an actor and a creator, there are a lot of really amazing directors out there.” However, he thinks Scorsese can help him “extend his wings outside of music”.

It is clear, however, that the singer does not want to give up music, and would even like to continue using it. In fact, he says we should have “more musicals that reflect our idea of ​​what we consider entertainment.”

Usher even pointed to the “theatrical” nature of his shows and said he’d love to fill that aspect with a movie.

An on-screen role for Usher would not be new to him. There have been several projects featuring the singer, including The Faculty (1998), She’s All That (1999), In the Mix (2005)as well as others.

Usher knocks down 'Nice & Slow' bars to celebrate earning honorary doctorate at Berklee

Usher knocks down ‘Nice & Slow’ bars to celebrate earning honorary doctorate at Berklee

In other related news, during another segment of the interview, Usher answered a question about the possibility of a confession sequel — and R&B fans will be disappointed with his response.

“It’s just a rumor, at this point,” he said of the possibility of a sequel to the groundbreaking album. “But who knows? When we get there, we’ll see.

He continued, “We have time. There is space and opportunities to think of new ideas. But the 20-year-old was brilliant. For every producer, writer and creator who has something to do with it, we’re celebrating 20 years of an album. I mean, most people don’t even have a career that long. So, having a real album that has stood the test of time? I appreciate my fans for continuing to love the music.

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