Watch: COAL CHAMBER performs its first show in nearly eight years at the SICK NEW WORLD festival in Las Vegas

CHARCOAL CHAMBER played their first show in nearly eight years earlier today (Saturday May 13) at sick new world festival in Las Vegas, Nevada. Fan-filmed videos and photos from the performance are available below.

Two months ago, CHARCOAL CHAMBER leader Dez Fafara said Radioactive Mike Zhost of 96.7 KCAL-FM program “Hardwired in the Empire”on how the band reunion went: “Amazing turn of events. This actually happened… I was about to get out of COVID. And my wife called (the other members of CHARCOAL CHAMBER) and said, ‘Hey, you might want to text Dez or call Dez Because I don’t know if he’ll last the night. He tells me where he wants to be buried and not sell his 78 Cadillac. So they started calling me, they started texting me, and over a period of six, seven, eight months, we didn’t talk business at all. And we realized that, you know, why don’t we play shows? These guys are totally different people than we had when we broke up. I’ve always been the same – I’ve just been rock solid; and I told them, ‘I’m solid as a rock. If I make it, I would like to do at least one show with you guys. And It is how it all started – very organically.”

Dez added: “CHARCOAL CHAMBER is a very unpredictable thing, from the beginning, to play with PANTHER And BLACK SABBATHto where we were when we walked out “Rivals” to where we are now.

“I am very excited for the sick new world party And to see what we’re going to do. But we’re going to take it easy and we’re going to do what’s right for the brand and for the band and especially the fans who have been with us for so long.”

When CHARCOAL CHAMBERthe involvement of sick new world was first announced last fall, tree wood taken to his Twitter to simply write: “#coalchamber is back #thatisall”.

Guitarist Miguel “Meegs” Rascon wrote: “My brothers and sister. Back together, with all the love in the world. Can’t wait to play for all the fans who have been there for us and loyal. We love you all! #coalchamber #sicknewworld” .

Bass player added Nadja Peulen: “Happy to share the stage with my brothers again! CHARCOAL CHAMBER live in Las Vegas 2023 @sicknewworld festival.”

Drummer Mike Cox wrote: “Well this is definitely something I thought I would never post again in my life!!! I’m rarely on social media anymore like I am…..

“Little recap because it will be therapeutic for me!!! After our last tours in 2015, I was coming off stage very depressed and I wanted to be home with my young son. I was missing him a lot and it was really starting to piss me off. I made the decision that if we stopped again, it would be the last time I would ever play again. After our last gig, it was over…and that’s what I did. I completely retired from music and started to focus on my family life and raising our son.. With great support and encouragement from my wife, we moved to a new town…..bought a new house, and my construction business is booming…. Everything was exactly where we wanted it.After YEARS of hard work, therapy, sobriety, 2 elbow surgeries, I found extreme peace in not being a musician anymore.

“Over the years I have kept in touch with @dezfafara and I feel like for the first time in 25 years we have become real friends. Both of our families have been through A LOT over the past few years and we were really there for each other.. listen to each other and that means more than any band at this point in my life It slowly changed the conversation about getting back to playing… and here we are !!!

“I really thought about this decision for a long time with my family and what it meant to go back and it was a family decision. Our son is older now and always asks what I was doing… now I can just show her all the crazy hardcore CHARCOAL CHAMBER fans we have there!!!. It’s an exciting time for all of us, the future looks bright!

“As for @meegsrascon…..I think I’ve spoken to him almost every day of my life for the past 25 years…can’t get rid of this jerk!!!

“I want to thank everyone who helped me make this decision because it wasn’t easy to make. Thanks to @theoraclemgmt for all the extremely hard work and setting the record straight and not making me bullshit like the music industry is so famous for. Also thanks to @nadjapeulen for being a part of this crazy journey we took him through. Love you all!!!!”

CHARCOAL CHAMBER will support MUDVAYNE on “Psychotherapy Sessions” tour this summer. Produced by nation livethe 26-city trek kicks off July 20 in West Palm Beach at the iTHINK Financial Amphitheater, making stops across the United States in Syracuse, Albuquerque, Phoenix, and more before ending in Englewood, Colorado at Fiddler’s Green Amphitheater on August 26.

CHARCOAL CHAMBER existed for ten years before disbanding in 2003 to pursue other musical endeavors. They reunited in 2011 for touring purposes, but it wasn’t until 2014 that the band began working on a new studio album of original material, the aforementioned critically acclaimed. “Rivals”. Several months of touring activity followed before Dez returned to DRIVER DEVIL to make a new record, 2016 “Trust no one”.

DRIVER DEVILof the 2019 tour co-headlining with STATIC-X seen the tree wood– high-performance material resistance to CHARCOAL CHAMBER for the first time.

tree wood painted a dark picture of CHARCOAL CHAMBERthe future of during a 2016 interview with Revolver magazine. He said at the time: “I had a lot of fun making this record and playing with them again. But there were circumstances that weren’t ideal and that’s why this thing isn’t continuing for the If something happens and I have time and I want to make a record and the members have their shit together I’ll do it But from now on there’s some deep shit that some dudes in the band have to still settle. And if they work out and want to tour or make another record, they can come back and call me. But right now, everyone in DRIVER DEVIL is delighted. Nobody fights. And I feel lucky to be where I am.”

Dez had stated in previous interviews that CHARCOAL CHAMBERThe original split from happened because “I didn’t want to be with the band’s hard drug use and realized that getting on stage every night the money was feeding their habit, so I walked for save my friends.” He added that his CHARCOAL CHAMBER his bandmates were “clean” as of 2012, which made him realize that “it was the right thing to do (away from the band in 2003)”.

That’s why I came. CHARCOAL ROOM!

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